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Important note Winchester 490 dismantle - my rifle was different


I only reference the manual here, do not ask me for a scan of it- just contact seller and you can get your own- Paul.


Source for Manual


Rediscovered Shooting Treasures
6116 E. Harrys Rd.
Traverse City, MI 49684

Winchester Model 490 Manual Repro
Shipping and handling to 27055 (change): $1.25

Total with Shipping: $9.00 USD - (to my zip code)







source the manual


“5. To further disassemble, it is necessary to remove the hexagon shaped barrel bracket stud and the magazine guide from the front of the receiver and the Phillips head front trigger housing screw which retains the magazine housing and magazine lock spring.”

To remove the so called Phillips head screw at the base of the magazine guide, you needed to loosen the large housing the trigger was in. Did not seem to disengage the trigger housing, but got loose enough to clear the Phillips screw.



Note that mine was not a Phillips screw, and had a large head that fit under a shelf in the end of the large trigger housing, side.







As the manual wrote it:


        1. Prior to reassembling your Model 490 wipe each part clean, removing any dirt or residue which may have accumulated.

        2. With a lightly oiled patch, place a light film of oil on the breech bolt assembly, firing pin and on the barrel shank.

        3. Slide firing pin Into the firing pin slot on the breech bolt.

        4. Slide the breech bolt assembly into the receiver. Make sure that firing pin is located at the top of the receiver .


       5. Insert the cocking handle into its hole in the breech bolt.

       6. Next, grip the cocking handle pulling the breech "bolt rearward. Place the cocking handle in the hold open recess.




One could not get the breech bolt assembly to go all the way back into the receiver. Looking down it, you could see the trigger, interfering. Needed to loosen the trigger housing again, to get the breech bolt in. See line drawing.  What I did was raise the trigger housing, and the breech bolt went in smoothly.




In reading on the net, found other's had the same problems, with similar fixes.  Paul.


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